For Authors

1. At least one of the authors of every accepted paper must register for the conference as author and present the paper in order for it to be included in the conference proceedings of ICAITPR 2024.

2. If more than one author of an accepted paper wishes to attend the conference, all such authors need to be registered separately by paying applicable registration fee.

3. Additional authors (other than those who are included in the manuscript submitted for review) cannot be added to the camera-ready paper.

4. Non-refundable registration fee must be paid prior to uploading the final IEEE formatted, Camera-ready version of the paper and e-copyright form.

5. Camera Ready papers must adhere to less than 30% similarity score as a whole and less than 5% from a single source.

Paper Presentation Guidelines

Get ready to present your paper at ICAITPR-2024. Please Create your presentation ONLY in the Paper presentation template available here. Please make sure that the final number of Slides doesn’t count more than 8 (Excluding the 1st and Last Slide). A key part of the research and review process is presenting and defending your work in front of peers at the conference.

The first step in getting ready to present your paper is to determine what key message you want to communicate to your audience. Indicon conferences are 10 minutes of Presentation followed by 2 Minutes of Q and A, so you will not have time to present all the details of your work. The objective of your presentation is to get people interested in your work, not to explain it to them fully.

Organize your talk with these tips:

  • Begin by stating the purpose or goal of your research. Tell the audience why your work is important.

  • Provide a very brief literature review. This will give the audience some context.

  • Move on to the main points of your own research.

  • Conclude by reiterating the importance of your research and emphasizing the key points.

  • Tips for Creating Presentation Slides

Remember that your slides do not have to tell the story on their own. Slides are meant to illustrate your work, not explain it entirely. Use graphics where possible. Limit text to phrases and bullet points, rather than full sentences. Once you have drafted your slides, record yourself practicing your talk with the slides so that you can identify areas for improvement. Be sure to stay within your time limit and leave time for questions from the audience.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Posters will be on display in the Poster Area located in the Conference Venue.

Posters must be posted in the morning between 7:30 am to 8:00 am.


  • One poster board is allocated to each presentation. The recommended poster size is Landscape format, Arch E which is 36 inches high by 48 inches wide ( 92 cm x 122 cm ).

  • Posters must be mounted using push pins

  • Each poster presenter is required to defend his/her poster during the respective poster session slot for the paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

  • Simply posting the pages of your written version of the proceedings paper is NOT effective and thus NOT acceptable for your poster.

  • The title of your poster should be done in block letters which are AT LEAST 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) high.

  • All text must be easily readable from a distance of 1 to 2 meters. Make the lettering at least 1 cm high, smaller lettering will not be legible from a distance of 1 to 2 meters.

  • All graphs and charts should be AT LEAST 25 X 30 cm (approximately 8.5 x 11 inches) or larger.

  • It is a good idea to sequentially number your materials in the poster. This will indicate to the viewer a logical progression through your poster.

  • Provide an introduction (outline) and a summary or conclusion for your poster.

  • Prepare your poster carefully so that it can be used as the basis to explain and answer questions from the viewers.

  • It is helpful to have copies of the written version of your paper available for those viewers who may want to study specifics of your work in more detail.

  • Have your business cards available for those who may wish to contact you at a later date.

  • Bring along a tablet of blank paper that you may use for a discussion of technical details relating to your poster.

* Every accepted paper can have up to 6 pages in the final PDF. If needed, additional pages (maximum 2 more additional pages apart from basic 6 pages) can be added to make the final version of the paper.